Amish Furniture Truck

How Much Is Delivery?

Our delivery prices are based on distance from the store, amount/type of furniture and whether or not it’s going upstairs. We deliver all over the Greater Metro Detroit area, so the costs vary quite a bit. A TV Stand in Shelby Township is $129, while an entire bedroom set delivered upstairs in Wixom would be $245. The average cost of delivery is usually around $145. Feel free to contact us for a delivery quote!

Our delivery costs are structured in this way because we believe in fair prices for the customer. When furniture stores offer free delivery, the average cost of hiring a truck and delivery people is built into the furniture price. This isn’t fair for people who’d like to pick up their own furniture or those who may live closer to to the store. There’s a similar same issue with flat-fee delivery prices – the flat fee might be a good deal for someone who lives 100 miles from the store, but a bad deal for someone who lives 10 miles away. We’re able to keep our prices lower overall by pricing delivery fairly and separately from the price of the furniture.

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