How It Works

There are two ways to purchase our furniture. The first way is to buy what you see on the showroom floor. The advantage to buying off the floor is that you can have your furniture immediately without having to wait the standard 16 weeks for it to be built.

The second way to purchase our furniture is to order either from our books or from what you see on the floor. For example, you may like one of our dining tables but would like different chairs with the set and in a different color stain. We can order anything on the floor in different dimensions, wood types, and stain colors, which leaves a lot of options to each piece we sell. It gives our customers the opportunity to have exactly what they want. We also work with over 150 different Amish builders, so if you have a specific piece in mind that you aren’t seeing, we can help you find it.

Once you find the item you want to order, you can then pick the wood type and stain color. We offer 25 to 30 stain colors per type of wood, so if you are trying to match or complement your existing furniture it is absolutely possible. The standard wait time on orders is about 16 weeks, which is only a short wait for a piece that lasts a lifetime.

We pick your furniture up from the Amish directly in Ohio and Indiana to keep our prices lower than our competitors who often pay to ship furniture and pass the cost onto the customer. When your furniture has arrived, we will give you a call and set up a pickup or delivery.

For more information about the process and all thing Amish Furniture, check out our Learning Library.

A sample of our stains