Our Amish tables are handcrafted from the finest American hardwoods available including oak, maple, cherry, hickory, elm, walnut, and quartersawn oak. We are available to help guide your decision as to which wood type works best for you.

There are several options to choose from when customizing your table to your taste and needs. This includes size, shape, edge, pedestal, or leg style. Many tables can also be ordered at pub heights of 36″ or 42″ tall.

After making the decision of the wood used and the style of the table, you need to choose a stain. We offer over 10-15 stain choices per type of wood to compliment your decor. All of our furniture is sealed with a Woodwright Catalyzed Varnish that is heat and moisture resistant to ensure your table stays beautiful for generations to come.

The Atlantic Trestle

Settler's Trestle Table

The Ziglar

The Canterbury Leg Table

The Yorktown Leg Table

The Galveston

The Grand Island Trestle

The Oakland Set

The Iron Forge Table

The Kingsbury Leg Table

The Sequoia Set

The Madison Leg Table

The Berkley

The Bradbury Suite

The Zurich Set

The Alberta

The Heidi Leg Table

As with all of our furniture, each piece can come in different woods, stain colors, and dimensions. There are many more styles available on our showroom floor and in our books and catalogs.

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