What Are Some Factors That Affect Pricing?

We believe furniture is a very personal decision. It lives in your home, it takes on your style, and is around as you create memories over time. The beauty of Amish furniture is the endless options you have to create a piece that’s unique and personal, instead of just accepting what mass retailers are selling and what everyone else has. With those options, prices can vary depending on factors. Below are the main factors that affect the prices of Amish furniture.

Wood Type

The main factor is the type of wood the piece is made out of. We start our prices at Red Oak, followed by Brown Maple, Rustic Cherry, and Cherry. Woods like Hickory, Elm, Quartersawn White Oak, and Hard Maple all fall between our Brown Maple and Cherry prices. You’ll often hear the word “rustic” in front of a wood species, and that can be confusing to some as rustic can often refer to a decorating style. Rustic versions of wood are the exact same wood, only the craftsman building your product does not have to choose wood boards without knots. This is less time consuming for the builder so rustic woods are less expensive than their non-rustic counterparts. Rustic woods will often have filled in knots that create style and character, and we find our customers love this version even more because it exemplifies the natural beauty of a real wood product.

For more information, check out our Guide to Wood Types.


Naturally, larger products will cost more than a smaller version because of the time and materials involved. This applies to everything we sell from bed sizes, to end tables. Tables will cost more or less depending if you get leaves with your table. For example, a table with no leaves will be less than one with 2-4 leaves, especially considering the carriage and slides for the leaves won’t need to be built.

Customization will sometimes be a factor in sizing costs, however, making something a custom size is very reasonable and doable. Most of our furniture is available in a few standard sizes, and if you need a custom size it’s often simply the price of the next standard size up.

Other Factors

A few other factors that may affect price are when an item is painted, two-toned with stain or paint, two different woods are used, and/or the item is distressed. These factors are adding more customization to the piece and can be a little more time consuming depending on exactly what look you want, but always turn out beautiful.

The ability to pick out details can personalize a piece to your taste and set you apart from the world of fast furniture. We love helping our customers by answering questions and guiding them towards the best choice for them.

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