Can I Order an Extra Leaf For My Existing Table?

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Leaves for an Amish Table

We strongly discourage getting another leaf for a table made after the fact. When a table is built, it’s built with the leaves you order at the time in mind. Consideration is given to the carriage and the maximum length when open (the Amish will not build anything unstable, and adding a leaf after the fact may cause stability issues … Read More

How Much Is Each Leaf?

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Leaves for an Amish Table

Each leaf depends on many factors including the size, wood, distressing, paint, etc. On average, the per leaf cost is about $100-$150. This is a relatively low price in accordance to the table as a whole, so many people will get more leaves than they originally thought they needed. The reasoning behind this is because you cannot add leaves after … Read More

How Many Leaves Can Store In a Table?

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Leaf Storage in an Amish Table

Leaf storage has everything to do with the size and shape of the table. For example, a round table cannot store leaves because of the shape, nor will our trestle tables where the leaves are put in on the ends instead of the center. The majority of oblong tables will store them with ease. The most leaves you can store … Read More