Do You Ever Run Sales?

We get asked this question a lot, and it’s no wonder why we do since furniture stores are infamous for running sales for every occasion. We’ve put a lot of thought into why we do not run sales and all of our reasons have to do with putting our customer at ease during their buying process.

We don’t run sales because we price our products fairly and below market average. We all know the secret in the furniture industry is no one really runs a sale, they just mark up their products and pretend to mark them lower. We check our prices against our competitors and have always come under their sale price. Shopping in our store guarantees you will always pay a fair price for a quality product.

Another reason we don’t run sales is because our furniture ordering process takes time. Because of the nature of Amish furniture and the time it takes for furniture to be built, we do not believe it is fair to our customer to run random sales that you could miss out on. For example, if you waited 20weeks for your bedroom set, and then noticed when it finally arrived that it was on sale, you would probably be upset you missed that opportunity. We don’t believe this is right, so we keep our prices the same so all of our customers pay the same fair price.

We don’t run sales because of the quality and longevity of our furniture. When other furniture stores run sales, they are putting pressure on you to buy before a certain deadline ends. Our furniture is heirloom quality and can be owned and loved for a lifetime. When there are so many wonderful options, many customers like to take their time with their decision and rightfully so. We would never pressure anyone to buy until they are ready to, and running sales rushes people into making decisions they may not be comfortable with.

The only sale we do run is when we mark down our floor displays. We receive new floor displays on a regular basis and sometimes need to make room for these pieces. This is a great time to get a beautiful Amish piece at a lower rate. This only occurs on items we have marked down on our showroom floor and never on special orders. If you are interested in being notified of our floor sample sales, please sign up on our email list or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know.

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