What Kind of Finish Does Amish Furniture Have?


Coffee Cup on an Amish Table

All our wood products are finished with Woodwright Brand Catalyzed Varnish. A catalyzed varnish (also called a conversion varnish) is a type of varnish often used in high end furniture. It’s heat and moisture resistant, so you don’t need to worry about water rings, spills or a putting a hot cup of coffee on it. It has twice the dry … Read More

What Do The Codes On The Back Of Fabric Samples Mean?

JeffCare, Fabric

Fabric Samples

We’re often asked what the codes on the back of our fabric swatches mean. All those codes and ratings can be confusing, so let’s try and demystify them: Fiber Content: The material used in the fabric. Most of our fabrics are polyester or some sort of polyester blend. Polyester is a great choice for upholstered chairs. It’s strong and durable, … Read More

Cleaning & Care Recommendations


Cleaning and Polishing an Amish Table

About Catalyzed Varnish Finishes Catalyzed varnish is the most commonly used finish in the high-end furniture market. When properly maintained, the beauty of your furniture’s finish will last for generations. To keep your furniture looking new, a few simple guidelines should be followed: Please Do… Do: Clean your furniture with warm water and a soft cloth. This is the best … Read More

Do I Need A Coaster or Placemat?

RobinCare, Learning Library, Wood

Cup of coffee on a an Amish Table

Whether you want to use a coaster or placemat is completely up to you and how you use your furniture. Everything we sell is treated with a catalyzed finish that is heat and moisture resistant, meaning if you set a sweating glass or cup of coffee on a surface it will not leave a water ring (tested for 24 hours). … Read More

Is Amish Furniture Scratch Proof?

RobinCare, Learning Library, Wood

The Atlantic Trestle Table

There is no such thing as scratch proof furniture whether it is Amish made or made out of other materials. When something hard hits a surface with enough force, it has a capability of scratching. The good news is that we only sell furniture made from hard wood species and they are less prone to scratches than faux wood veneer, … Read More

Caring for Your Wood Furniture During the Winter


As winter settles in, the cold and dry conditions outdoors can often affect our indoor furniture. A few common occurrences of this include slight gaping in the seam of tables where the leaves go, plank tops on various pieces, and the wood panels you’ll find on doors (frequently on buffets and beds). Since wood is a natural product and not … Read More