Do I Need A Coaster or Placemat?

Whether you want to use a coaster or placemat is completely up to you and how you use your furniture. Everything we sell is treated with a catalyzed finish that is heat and moisture resistant, meaning if you set a sweating glass or cup of coffee on a surface it will not leave a water ring (tested for 24 hours).

There are some factors to be mindful of – does your dinnerware have a smooth bottom or rough bottom that is commonly found in some dishes? If it does have a rough bottom, we advise to use coasters and placemats for scratch protection.

Your average cold and hot beverage, and cold and hot plate, will be fine on a tabletop. If the cup or plate are exceptional hot – like directly from a microwave, use some caution and place a barrier between it and the table or let it cool off. Something directly from an oven should not be put on our surfaces unless there is a thick barrier between it and then table.

While you do not always need a coaster or placemat, using them can help prolong the life of your furniture. If you do not use one, if will most likely not hurt the furniture unless it is too hot or has a bottom that can scratch.

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