Should My Kitchen Set Match my Kitchen Cupboards?

“Should My Kitchen Set Match my Kitchen Cupboards?”

We get this question a lot when customers come to purchase a new kitchen set from our store. There’s really no right or wrong answer, but we do have some thoughts to help guide you to make the decision that will make you happiest. The three main ways to incorporate your kitchen set is to match, coordinate, and contrast.

Matching Cabinets to TableMatching the color of your cabinets to your table can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye when you enter the room. Many people bring in a cabinet door or sample of their cabinets and have good luck matching it up to our 20+ stains per wood. It’s an easy way to keep the flow going throughout the room and not bring in too many different factors that can take away from that look. The downside to doing this is when you don’t love the wood and/or color of your kitchen cabinets. You may feel stuck feeling like you have to match something you don’t like in the first place. In that case, I suggest the following two options for coordinating or contrasting.


Coordinating your cabinets to your tableCoordinating your kitchen table set with the color of your cabinets is a happy medium for those who do not wish to match their cabinets exactly but still want to tie the room together. There are a few different ways to do this, the most popular way being to two-tone the table. This means staining the top the same (or similar) color to your cabinets and then the bottom a contrasting color. This look is appealing to those who have a lot of cabinets and may not want to add more of the same color to the room, but still find it important to complement the color of the cabinets. It ties everything together without overwhelming the space with one dominant color. We find many people who have painted cabinets prefer this option because they can get the base of the table and frame of the chairs painted to match their cabinets, and then pick out whatever color wood and stain they prefer for the top of the table and seats of the chairs.


Contrasting your cabinets to your tableContrasting your cabinets is also another great option when choosing a kitchen set. Many times people don’t want to match their cabinets, or they find they have so many cabinets that adding more of the same wood and color will be a little too much for that space. Oftentimes it looks better to completely contrast the cabinets than to find a color that is close but looks off enough to seem like a mistake. The key to pulling off this look is to really make sure you are contrasting the color of the cabinets enough so it looks purposeful and not problematic. If you have lighter cabinets, a medium to dark stain will look stunning in your space. If your cabinets are darker, you may want to go with a medium to light stain. If you have cabinets that fall in the middle, it’s best to bring in a sample of your cabinets and see if you’d rather contrast towards the lighter or darker end of the stain color spectrum.

Matching, coordinating, and contrasting are three different ways to successfully integrate your new kitchen table and chair set into the space. We find our customers match, coordinate, and contrast equally, so what you would like to do comes down to personal preference. Of course, it is smart to take into account whether or not you love your cabinet color enough to match it, the size of the space, and the number of cabinets in the room. With a little guidance, we are sure you’ll find a kitchen set that will fit perfectly into your home that you will love for years to come.

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