Your Guide to Mixing Wood Tones


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Gone are the days of “matchy-matchy” furniture, as design trends have evolved into a lived-in feel that incorporates many wood tones in one space. While it’s not wrong to match other woods in your home, having all one shade of wood can cause a design to fall flat and make it more difficult to add or swap out pieces over … Read More

Why Lead Times Have Increased on Amish Furniture

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Due to the volume of orders across the country and disruptions caused by the pandemic, our lead times have increased and have become more unpredictable. Our current lead time for new order is currently 4 to 5 months, but these are not hard deadlines. Many furniture orders come between that time frame, but it is not uncommon for orders to … Read More

What Are Some Factors That Affect Pricing?

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We believe furniture is a very personal decision. It lives in your home, it takes on your style, and is around as you create memories over time. The beauty of Amish furniture is the endless options you have to create a piece that’s unique and personal, instead of just accepting what mass retailers are selling and what everyone else has. … Read More

Three Ways to Prepare Your Amish Table for Thanksgiving

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Settler's Leg Table with Decorations

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, we look to show gratitude for all that we have and spend quality time with family and friends. At the Amish Furniture Collection, we love that those memories can be made year after year around the same table and even be passed down to further generations. With the rise of “fast furniture” that is … Read More

How To Buy A TV Stand

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With the changes in TV sizes and styles over the past decade, many people are rethinking how they display their TVs. By far the most common choice in recent years is the TV stand, and we carry a large variety of sizes and styles. Choosing a TV stand doesn’t need to be difficult, but there are a few things to … Read More

What Size End Table Do I Need?

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  End tables are a necessity to complete any living space, and picking one out in the perfect dimensions can often be tricky. There are many factors to consider so you don’t end up with a table that looks disproportionate to the rest of the room. With so many different types of end tables available, we made a guide to … Read More