What are the Standard Table Sizes Used in Amish Furniture?

If you are starting the process of looking for a kitchen or dining table, size is a great place to start. We recommend figuring out what size you’ll need on an everyday basis, and then what size you would need on special occasions when entertaining guests. Knowing the standard sizes can help guide you towards the best fit, but keep in mind our tables can be ordered in whatever size you desire as long as stability isn’t an issue.

When ordering a rectangle or oblong table, the standard width is 42”, although 36” and 48” is common as well. If space isn’t a factor. We recommend a width of 42” to accommodate both place settings and putting food on the table. The 36” width is great if you need a more narrow table to allow for more space in the room. The standard lengths for this type of table are 54”, 60”, 66”, & 72”. We very often do smaller and larger than these standard sizes as well. For example, it’s not uncommon to order tables as small as 32” or as large as 80”+.

If you are looking for a round or square table, the standard sizes are 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, & 60”. We can also do 72” round/square but it cannot have leaves at that size. If you need something in between any of the listed standard sizes, that is available to order as well.

All dining tables have a standard height of 30”. High top tables are 36” (same as counter height), and bar height is 42” high. Outside of special circumstances, we discourage customizing table heights too much because it will be harder to put standard size chairs with it, however, it is possible in some cases.

All of our tables can be made in sizes other than standard if you have specific measurements. We often accommodate exact measurements from our customers as long as stability is not compromised. The ability to order in an exact size is an advantage we have over other furniture stores. Since everything is made from scratch, we are able to make you your table in the precise size you need.

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