Three Ways to Prepare Your Amish Table for Thanksgiving

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, we look to show gratitude for all that we have and spend quality time with
family and friends. At the Amish Furniture Collection, we love that those memories can be made year after year around the same table and even be passed down to further generations. With the rise of “fast furniture” that is cheaply made, quickly shipped, and too trendy to keep around for long, we strive to provide old fashion principles and integrity to every piece that we provide. Our furniture takes time, intention, and focus to create pieces you can enjoy for a lifetime. We hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving taking time to pause and be grateful for all we are blessed with.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, we have a few tips for preparing your Amish table and chair set for having company.

1. If you are extending your table, put the leaves in a few days ahead of time. This will help the wood settle from being stored elsewhere to being a part of your table. It will also save you time so you don’t rush before your guests arrive. Remember that on Amish tables, the leaves are numbered and you simply need to match up that number on the leaf to the number written on the inside of the table.

2. Protect your table from unnecessary wear and tear. Your table is meant to be used and while we expect the occasional wear over time, there are a few ways we can protect our table further. When having many guests over, we recommend putting down a tablecloth or using placements to provide a barrier between plates and the wood surface. Another way is to have trivets nearby to put underneath hot serving dishes to help protect the finish of your table.

3. More than ever, people are being creative with their seating around the table. Benches can hold more guests than chairs, and upholstered host chairs look fabulous at the ends of a table. Some have even used ottomans, stools, or have brought in a few pieces of patio furniture to do the trick.

Regardless of how you celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you have a wonderful time enjoying this holiday of gratefulness. As a family-owned business, we spend our Thanksgiving together. We are thankful for our opportunity to own a small business and work with each other. Our customers are the backbone of our business and we are grateful for you too! Thank for you supporting our small dream and letting us provide you with furniture that you can enjoy with your family as well.

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