What Size End Table Do I Need?


End tables are a necessity to complete any living space, and picking one out in the perfect dimensions can often be tricky. There are many factors to consider so you don’t end up with a table that looks disproportionate to the rest of the room. With so many different types of end tables available, we made a guide to help choosing the perfect size a breeze.

HEIGHT: The rule of thumb is that the height of an end table should be a little lower than the arm of the sofa or chair it is going next to. The standard height of the arm of a couch is around 25”, so anywhere from 22”-24.5” would be a safe bet. Most of the end tables we offer have a standard height of 23.5”, which seems to be a generally comfortable height for the majority of sofas and chairs. If you happen to have a sofa that has higher or lower arms than the average sofa, you may run into trouble finding an end table that suits the height you need. Thankfully, any of our end tables can be made higher or lower than the standard dimension if you happen to need a special size.

DEPTH: The depth from the front to back of the end table tends to be 22”-24”, with 22” being the most common. This is very standard dimension unless you happen to have a type of chair or sofa with an unusually long seat depth. When customers want custom sizes for end tables, they rarely change the length of the depth because it works so well in the majority of homes. Of course we can always accommodate deeper than usual end tables if need be.

WIDTH: The size from left to right changes up quite a bit according to both the space you’re putting it in and your needs for the functionality of the table. For example, many often want an end table with a smaller width of 14”-18” because the table serves the purpose of holding a single lamp and a beverage. Others may want a larger end table of 22”-26” if they have larger furniture and want it to look more in proportion to the rest of the room. Whatever your needs are, it is worthwhile to measure the space and see what size end table would suit you better. Are you looking to have more surface area next to your seat? Or would a smaller table work best with the space that you have?

Amish Wedge Table

WEDGE TABLE:One more type of end table that has increased in popularity over the years is a wedge table (shown above). These tables start out smaller in the front and increase in width towards the back. Since many people arrange their furniture on angles, such as a chair turned in towards the rest of the room, wedge tables provide an attractive solution to fit perfectly into the arrangement. We find many of our customers are buying more wedge tables because they fit so well into their spaces. Maybe a wedge table is the type of end table that would suit your needs perfectly.

Amish Round End Table

ROUND TABLE: The last type of end table size you may want to consider is a round end table. They mainly range from 18”-24” inches in diameter with 22” round being the most common. If you want to add interest to a room and break up the look of the many square and rectangle end tables a round end table is a great choice. They are often used more as an accent table, only holding a lamp and room for a beverage since the top doesn’t boast as much surface area as a traditional rectangle. It’s still a viable option if you are looking to soften the look of a room. Many of our collections offer both round and rectangle end tables so you can coordinate style without matching exactly.

With a few quick measurements, you can easily determine the size and style end table that works best for your living space. Amish Furniture not only gives you the flexibility to order exactly the type of end table you’d like, but also has the strength and durability to last you a lifetime of beautiful, solid wood furniture.

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