Leaves Being Shown Inside A Table

I Need A Table That Starts Small and Gets Very Big

This is a very common request in our store and we are able to accommodate these types of needs. Most people want a small size for their day to day lives, but also need it to get much bigger to fit their family and friends around during special occasions. Our first question is how small do you need it to be, and then how many people are you looking to fit at most. This will help us determine the sizes you’ll want.

The large majority of our tables are able to extend with leaves (with the exception of specialty tables such as a live edge table made from a slab of wood.) Most customers order their tables with two leaves, but many are able to get up to four leaves inside. How many leaves the table is willing to accept has to do with the stability of the base. The Amish will not build something structurally unstable, so they will not agree to build it in the first place if it has a chance of being unstable. This reassures us that everything we sell is of the utmost quality. For example, a 48″ Round single pedestal table can often only fit three, 12″ leaves in it. Any more than that and the base wouldn’t be able to support the length.

The largest table with the most amount of leaves available is around 132″ when extended. If you are looking for an extremely long table when extended, we have a few select trestle style tables that are known for accepting many, many leaves. The styles for this type of table are limited but it is possible.

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