What To Bring With You On Your First Visit

Whether you are swinging by to get some ideas for your place, or shopping with a specific purpose, it’s always useful to have some tools to make your visit in our store worthwhile. After helping countless customers throughout the years, we’ve narrowed down the top three tips that can help make your time in our store smooth and productive.

1. An Idea of Size

If you’re looking for a specific piece of furniture, an idea of size may help you narrow down your choices and help us give you a more accurate price for what you’re looking for. This doesn’t always have to be exact dimensions. For example, if you want a table that can seat six people on a daily basis and twelve for holidays that will give us a better picture of what table will meet that need. Even rough measurements can assist us in guiding you towards a more accurate picture of the perfect piece for your space.

2. Samples or Ideas for Color

Did you know color is hard to remember? Many times our customers say they wish they would have brought something from home on their first visit to help them pick out a wood and stain choice. Although it’s not completely necessary on your first trip, sometimes it’s nice to bring something from the room your furniture will be going in if you’re looking to match or coordinate with existing pieces. This can range from cabinet doors, to flooring samples, and even throw pillows. Keep in mind that the color shown in photos is inaccurate so if you’re looking to match exactly it’s smart to bring in a piece vs just a photo. We allow our customers to check out our wood stain samples, but it’s oftentimes easier to bring something from home into our store.

3. Photos of Your Space

If you’re searching for the perfect piece for your space, it’s nice to have a photo of the room it is going in with you. This can be especially helpful when you’re unable to bring in a piece of your flooring, or want to accommodate other items in the room. It helps us get a sense of what your personal style is so we can help you sift through all the choices to find what will look best in your space. If you use your phones like we do, you probably have lots of pictures stored on it. A quick tip is to put the photos of the room in a folder where they are quickly and easily accessible to cut down on time searching for the right picture.

Although none of these tools are necessary, they do make a trip to our store a little easier. We have so many customization features, it is handy to come armed with an idea of size and color, and a photo of the space. We know many of our customers drive far distances to shop with us, so the more information you can bring on the first visit, the fewer trips you’ll need to take to finalize any details. We are experts in home style, bringing years of knowledge and experience, and we can’t wait to help assist you in your furniture search.

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