Do You Sell Furniture Off The Floor or is Everything Special Order?

While most people chose to special order their furniture so they can tweak the stain, size, etc., you can absolutely buy right off our showroom floor if you find a piece you love!

There are a few things we’re not able to sell off the floor – a few of our dining sets and most of our bedroom sets. These few sets are strictly floor displays for taking orders off of. Other than those, everything else is for sale.

There’s no extra charge ordering a set versus buying one from the showroom. For instance, if you love everything about a dining set except the color, it would be the same price if you ordered one. (Of course, changing the wood, size and other options may increase or decrease the price from the floor model.)

We also occasionally put some floor models on sale to clear them out if we have too many new products coming in. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and sign up for our email list to be notified of new markdowns!

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