How Much Is Each Leaf?

Each leaf depends on many factors including the size, wood, distressing, paint, etc. On average, the per leaf cost is about $100-$150. This is a relatively low price in accordance to the table as a whole, so many people will get more leaves than they originally thought they needed. The reasoning behind this is because you cannot add leaves after the table has been built. The Amish craftsman build tables according to the leaves it will have with it, and also keep the leaves in when the table is being sanded and stained. The carriage to hold leaves, and the mechanism of the table will not be able to carry additional leaves down the road.

Since we sell heirloom quality furniture, we expect this to be a table you will use for a lifetime and able to be passed down. With this in mind, we hope you buy the number of leaves you will need for it to be at its largest size. We would hate for you to regret not spending a little more to get the extra leaves you will need later on.

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