Is Amish Furniture Scratch Proof?

There is no such thing as scratch proof furniture whether it is Amish made or made out of other materials. When something hard hits a surface with enough force, it has a capability of scratching. The good news is that we only sell furniture made from hard wood species and they are less prone to scratches than faux wood veneer, pine, formica, and soft wood species.

We would never tell a customer that our furniture is scratch proof because over time scratches can occur when it’s a piece you live with from day to day. Wood is very forgiving towards scratches and in the worst-case scenario, wood can always be sanded down and refinished to look brand new again. This is the beauty of wood that it can be maintained over time in this way.

We advise you to use some caution with your furniture and avoid letting hard objects scrape against the furniture or sides of an item. Throwing keys onto a sofa table, sliding dishes that have a rough bottom across a kitchen table, and sitting on a wood seat with jeans that may have zipper details on the back pocket are all examples of ways that our furniture can scratch.

We also want you to live with your furniture and enjoy it over time. While our furniture is not scratch proof, it is hard enough to take the majority of day-to-day activities.

For more information on the durability of different wood species we offer, check out our guide to furniture wood types.

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