How To Buy A TV Stand

Amish TV Stand

With the changes in TV sizes and styles over the past decade, many people are rethinking how they display their TVs. By far the most common choice in recent years is the TV stand, and we carry a large variety of sizes and styles. Choosing a TV stand doesn’t need to be difficult, but there are a few things to consider.

Size of TV

TV Stand vs TV MeasurementsTVs are measured diagonally across the screen, while TV stands are measured straight across. This means if you have a 60″ TV it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a 60″ TV stand. If your TV says it’s 60″ on the box, it will typically be a little shorter when measuring straight across. A good rule of thumb is the TV’s true width is about 90% the diagonal width. For example, if you have a 60″ TV the true width will be around 54″.  This will differ slightly from TV to TV, depending on the size of the frame, so it’s best to measure the true width of your TV.

Your TV stand should be a little longer than your TV for the best look. Avoid getting a TV stand shorter than your TV, which looks odd. You can also go quite a bit longer than your TV if you’d like extra space on the sides (for speakers, a lamp, etc.)

Most of our TV stands are 30″ high, which is the sweet spot for most TV sizes and living room spaces. Depending on your viewing distance and seating height, you may need to have your TV a little lower or higher than normal. Luckily we can accommodate that with different TV stands heights. You could also consider wall mounting your TV.

Wall Mounted TV

Wall Mounted TVIf you choose to mount your TV on a wall, a TV stand is still nice to give your room a finished look and to hide your components. The same rules apply with a wall mounted TV – your TV stand should be longer than the TV.


Take inventory of your components and storage needs. If you have any components that use a remote (cable box, DVD player), you’ll need the front to be open or have glass so the IR signals can reach the components. Take note of the size of your components. Most of our TV stands have adjustable shelves that can accommodate most components. If you have any components that are unusually deep, measure those as well so we can find the TV stand that’s the best fit.

TV Stand with Media DrawersDrawers or cabinet spaces are nice for storing DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games out of sight. Many of our drawers come with media organizers.  As with all of our furniture, the drawers are all dovetail joined and feature full extension slides.

TV Stand with Soundbar OpeningA TV stand with a long opening at the top is perfect if you have a soundbar, or if you’d like easy access to your components.

Our TV stands come standard with holes in the backs for wires. If you need more holes or need them in specific places, we’d be happy to place them wherever you’d like.

Other Types of Media Consoles

Entertainment Center and TV Stand Corner UnitWe offer a wide variety of different TV stands and media centers depending on your needs. We have several TV stands designed to fit into corners. Another option is a “cornwall” TV stand which is designed to go in a corner or a flat wall – perfect for those like to frequently rearrange their furniture. A TV armoire is nice if you’d like your TV to be hidden behind closed doors most of the time. Our entertainment centers offer maximum storage options with bookshelves on either side.

TV ArmoireNo matter what your needs are, we can provide you with the perfect piece of furniture. We work with over 150 different Amish builders, and each piece can be customized in size, wood, color and hardware. Stop by and check out our ever-growing TV stand offerings!

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