Can I change the hardware on a piece of furniture?


Absolutely! We love for you to get exactly what you want, so we offer many hardware options to customize your piece of furniture. Most of our furniture comes standard with a black knob, a brown knob, or a wooden knob (stained to match). Several of our pieces are shown with special hardware – if you see it shown on the … Read More

Caring for Your Wood Furniture During the Winter


As winter settles in, the cold and dry conditions outdoors can often affect our indoor furniture. A few common occurrences of this include slight gaping in the seam of tables where the leaves go, plank tops on various pieces, and the wood panels you’ll find on doors (frequently on buffets and beds). Since wood is a natural product and not … Read More

Three Ways To Simplify Your Holiday Season


The holidays are a special time to spend with family and friends, but can also be hectic when you are having company over. When focusing on a large to-do list, small things can be overlooked. Here are three items that will help simplify your holiday season: 1. A hall tree is a smart item to own in any home where … Read More

Three Ways to Prepare Your Amish Table for Thanksgiving

RobinDesign, Tips

Settler's Leg Table with Decorations

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, we look to show gratitude for all that we have and spend quality time with family and friends. At the Amish Furniture Collection, we love that those memories can be made year after year around the same table and even be passed down to further generations. With the rise of “fast furniture” that is … Read More

How To Buy A TV Stand

JeffTV Stands

With the changes in TV sizes and styles over the past decade, many people are rethinking how they display their TVs. By far the most common choice in recent years is the TV stand, and we carry a large variety of sizes and styles. Choosing a TV stand doesn’t need to be difficult, but there are a few things to … Read More

Should My Kitchen Set Match my Kitchen Cupboards?


“Should My Kitchen Set Match my Kitchen Cupboards?” We get this question a lot when customers come to purchase a new kitchen set from our store. There’s really no right or wrong answer, but we do have some thoughts to help guide you to make the decision that will make you happiest. The three main ways to incorporate your kitchen … Read More

Enter As Strangers – Leave As Friends

JulieCustomer Service

Enter as Strangers - Leave as Friends

When we opened our present store location, I placed a sign above the door that says “Enter as Strangers – Leave as Friends.” I have never taken it down because it has proven to be true in so many cases. Many of you come in to purchase furniture and as we get to know you it often feels like a … Read More

What Size End Table Do I Need?

RobinDesign, Planning, Tips

  End tables are a necessity to complete any living space, and picking one out in the perfect dimensions can often be tricky. There are many factors to consider so you don’t end up with a table that looks disproportionate to the rest of the room. With so many different types of end tables available, we made a guide to … Read More

A Guide to Furniture Wood Types

JeffDesign, Wood

A sample of our stains

Almost every piece of our furniture can be built in any of our wood species. Every type has different characteristics and takes stain differently. We price everything by wood, and everything is available in a variety of stains. Although some of the wood species are harder than others, we only offer American hardwoods — nothing soft. Everything below is suitable for any … Read More