Do You Offer Financing?

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We know buying furniture can be a large financial purchase. While we don't offer any financing, we do only require 1/3rd down of the total price for orders. Orders typically take around 12 weeks to complete, and we don't require the rest of the payment until you take possession of the furniture. Many people will make payments during those 12 ... Read More

Cleaning & Care Recommendations


Cleaning and Polishing an Amish Table
About Catalyzed Varnish Finishes Catalyzed varnish is the most commonly used finish in the high-end furniture market. When properly maintained, the beauty of your furniture's finish will last for generations. To keep your furniture looking new, a few simple guidelines should be followed: Please Do... Do: Clean your furniture with warm water and a soft cloth. This is the best ... Read More

Can I Order an Extra Leaf For My Existing Table?

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Leaves for an Amish Table
We strongly discourage getting another leaf for a table made after the fact. When a table is built, it's built with the leaves you order at the time in mind. Consideration is given to the carriage and the maximum length when open (the Amish will not build anything unstable, and adding a leaf after the fact may cause stability issues ... Read More

How Long Does an Order Take and Why?

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One of the wonderful things about Amish furniture is that there are a lot of options to customize the perfect piece for your needs. Wood, stain, size – a lot of things can be changed, which means each piece is unique. This also means we don’t stock much furniture beyond what is in our showroom, and it has to be … Read More

Why Won’t You Stain Hard Maple Dark?

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Hard Maple Samples

We have a lot of people ask about hard maple, and are telling us incorrect information they’ve heard about the wood that we would like to set straight from our own inquiries from the Amish craftsmen themselves. Hard maple is in fact, a very hard wood. Many people think that Brown Maple is soft in contrast to it, when Brown … Read More

How Much Is Each Leaf?

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Leaves for an Amish Table

Each leaf depends on many factors including the size, wood, distressing, paint, etc. On average, the per leaf cost is about $100-$150. This is a relatively low price in accordance to the table as a whole, so many people will get more leaves than they originally thought they needed. The reasoning behind this is because you cannot add leaves after … Read More

Do You Ever Run Sales?

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We get asked this question a lot, and it’s no wonder why we do since furniture stores are infamous for running sales for every occasion. We’ve put a lot of thought into why we do not run sales and all of our reasons have to do with putting our customer at ease during their buying process. We don’t run sales … Read More