One of the remarkable advantages of investing in authentic, solid wood furniture is its restorability. Whether you’re seeking to remedy a minor scratch or undertake a complete refinishing project, we’ve meticulously compiled this guide of local specialists renowned for their expertise in furniture repair, refinishing, upholstery, and more. These skilled practitioners are dedicated to ensuring your beloved furniture maintains its luster and charm. Additionally, we’ve sourced valuable information on table pads, glass tops, the exact stains used on our furniture, and other essential resources to empower you in your furniture care journey.

Local Furniture Repair/Refinishing

Guardsman Furniture Repair
(800) 788-8020
Mobile/In-Home Repair, Online Quotes

Angelo’s Furniture Repair
Clinton Twp, MI
(586) 360-0008
Mobile/In-Home Repair, Refinishing

Frank’s Furniture Service
Warren, MI
(586) 770-7749
Mobile/In-Home Repair

Bix Furniture Service
St Clair Shores, MI
(586) 775-0430
Refinishing, Repair, Re-upholstry, Pick up/Delivery

Furniture Service LLC
Macomb, MI
(586) 556-2664
Mobile/In-Home Repair, Refinishing, Re-upholstry

Mike’s Antiquary
Almont, MI
(810) 798-3599

Guaranteed Furniture Services Inc.
Berkley, MI
(248) 545-1130
Refinishing, Repair

Audia Furniture Repair
Fraser, MI
(586) 872-4087
Repair, Refinishing

Table Pads & Glass Tops

Berger’s Table Pads
Online Only
(800) 428-4567

Michigan Glass Depot
Shelby Twp, MI
(586) 726-8828

Charities that Pickup USED Furniture

Furniture Bank of Southeast Michigan
Pontiac, MI
(248) 332-1300

Online Only
(678) 884-4738

Selling Used Furniture

Fred’s Unique Furniture
(586) 776-7100
Local pickup available


If you’re looking for more Amish Furniture we recommend Dutch Craft Furniture in Berlin, OH. They carry the same products as us as well as the same stains if you’d like to match existing furniture. They ship to Metro Detroit.

Our Stains and Varnishes

Our builders use stains and catalyzed varnishes from Finishworks and Woodwright. If you’re undertaking a project of your own and would like to buy stain, please contact the stain manufacture. Alternatively, our Amish builders source their stains and varnishes from a lumberyard in Holmes County, OH called Kiem Lumber. You may try ordering directly from them.

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