How Much Does Amish Furniture Cost?

As a customer, you can expect Amish Furniture prices to be a little more than a discount furniture store because all of our products are made from solid wood by American craftsman and designed to outlast furniture you buy elsewhere. This doesn’t mean our prices are outrageous, in fact, many customers are pleasantly surprised how reasonable our furniture is for real solid wood. Below you can find some ranges for different categories to help you understand what to expect when shopping:

For kitchen and dining room tables we sell a few as low as $699-799, and a few around the $3000 mark. The majority of our tables range on average about $1100-$2100. If you have a budget in mind, we can help point you towards our tables that will save you the most money. We pride ourselves in showing a nice variety of both styles and price points. For example – the most inexpensive set we show in our store is our Avery Set, which is $2162. This is for a 42 x 60 solid oak leg table with two 12” leaves and 4 chairs. The most expensive set we show is a 42 x 72 trestle table in Brown Maple, with two 18” leaves, 4 chairs and a bench. This is priced at $4599. One of our best selling sets is a 42×60 leg table with two 12” leaves and 4 chairs and priced at $2397.

The majority of our wood dining chairs fall in that $250-350 range with a few, rare exceptions. Most tend to be around $279. Fully fabric chairs tend to be above $425+ depending on the size chair. Barstools without the back start at $169, and with a back start at .

For bedroom furniture, our average queen size beds range from $1098-$2499 depending on the style, and storage beds start at $2474. Dressers range from $1696-2186, chests range from $1295-1599, and nightstands range from $529-799. Of course, we have some premium collections that may be more depending on the style, but these ranges represent a lot of what we show in our showroom and sell frequently.

Occasional tables come in all shapes and sizes and prices can go up and down depending on different styles, woods, and other factors. On average, end tables range $300-$450, coffee tables range $400-$600, and sofa tables range $400-$600.

TV stands can be customized to whatever size you’d like but our average sizes usually range from 50”-70”, and can also be ordered smaller and larger. An average TV stand runs around $1399.

We show many price points and a nice variety to ensure you can find a piece that fits into your style and budget. We are more than happy to answer questions and guide you as you make these decisions.

For more information, check out our article on which factors can affect pricing.

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