Is there anything on the bottom of the chairs and table to protect my floors?

Our chairs don’t come with anything on the bottom of the legs, so if your set is going on wood or tile floors, we do recommend putting felt on the bottom. This helps protect your floor from scratches, and makes the chairs glide easier when pulling them out. If your set is on carpet, felt is not needed, but is still an option.

Our Recommendation for the Best Felt Pads for Chairs

Being in the furniture business, we’ve tried just about every type of felt floor protectors. The best we’ve found are the Heavy Duty Round Furniture Felt Pads shown above. They pound securely into the bottom of the chairs and are less prone to falling off, due to the round metal piece that is hammered into the wood. These work much better than stick-on felt, which falls off easily, or nail-on felt which can break off easily leave an exposed nail to drag across your floor.

When we take your chair order, we’ll ask you if you’d like felt floor protectors. They are $5 per chair, and we pound them in for you. If you already have chairs and would like to purchase some, we always have them for sale, or they can be purchased at many home improvement stores like Home Depot.

For the table, our tables have metal levelers on the bottom for you to adjust for uneven floors. Due to the metal, we only put on stick on felt. This is complimentary when we deliver the furniture if you’d like it.

Stick-on felt can be used for other furniture with metal levelers, such as buffets and bookcases. Some of our smaller furniture such as end tables will have nylon on the bottom. Most furniture won’t be moved as often as a chair, so felt isn’t as important as it is on a dining chair.

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