Enter As Strangers – Leave As Friends

When we opened our present store location, I placed a sign above the door that says “Enter as Strangers – Leave as Friends.” I have never taken it down because it has proven to be true in so many cases. Many of you come in to purchase furniture and as we get to know you it often feels like a friendship to us. We get to know your faces and your names. I like to think its because our customer service criteria is very important to us. We want to treat you like we want to be treated when we are out and about in public. In today’s world, I often wonder if that is a dying courtesy. People want to be heard and respected and we work hard here at the Amish Furniture Collection to do that. Our staff is very friendly as well as knowledgeable and helpful – we even get a lot of compliments on our delivery men Jim and Brian. So stop in to say hello anytime and to look at our ever-changing showroom.

-Julie, owner of The Amish Furniture Collection

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