Which Fabric Choices Are Available?

We a lot of fabric choices – over 400 in fact! Don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming – our sales staff are experts in color and fabric selection and are here to help you narrow down a fabric that goes great with your wood selection and room colors.

We offer a few different categories of upholstery choices:

Standard Fabric Collection

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This collection is the standard fabric we use, our standard price and what most people choose. There are many high-wear fabrics in this collection (see our article on fabric codes for more info on durability). The fabrics in this collection are not treated for any stain resistance, but include many blends that clean up nicely. They also take fabric protection such as Scotch-Guard nicely.

Easy Living Performance Collection

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Our Easy Living Collection features a special blend of fibers that resist stains & odors, makes it easy to clean and durable. Most liquid spills will bead and simply blot off the surface with a dry towel. There is an up-charge for this collection.

Revolution Collection

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Revolution Fabrics are virtually unstainable, easy to clean and resist fading from the sun. They are 100% made in the USA and are the greenest fabrics because they are created with the least negative impact to the planet. Find out more at the Revolution Fabrics website. There is an up-charge for this collection.

Faux & UltraLeathers

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Our Faux & UltraLeather collections are beautiful leather-like & suede-like materials. They wear nicely and clean easily, without the price of leather. There is no up-charge for these collections.

Genuine Leather

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There’s nothing like real, natural leather and we offer a number of colors on any of our upholstered products. There is an up-charge for this collection.

We offer a few more rolls of fabric swatches in store if you’re looking for something with more a pattern or you don’t see anything in the collections above. Stop by and take a look, and we’ll be more than happy to help you decide on the perfect fabric!

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