Do You Offer Dining Chairs With Upholstery?


Examples of two Upholstered Amish Chairs

Yes! Nearly all of our hundreds of dining chair styles are available with an upholstered seat or a wood seat. We also offer many fully upholstered chair styles as well. Prices start at $30 extra per chair for one of our standard fabrics, with an extra upcharge if you choose leather or a premium fabric. The majority of our upholstered … Read More

Which Fabric Choices Are Available?


Fabric Swatches

We a lot of fabric choices – over 400 in fact! Don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming – our sales staff are experts in color and fabric selection and are here to help you narrow down a fabric that goes great with your wood selection and room colors. We offer a few different categories of upholstery choices: Standard Fabric Collection … Read More

What Do The Codes On The Back Of Fabric Samples Mean?

JeffCare, Fabric

Fabric Samples

We’re often asked what the codes on the back of our fabric swatches mean. All those codes and ratings can be confusing, so let’s try and demystify them: Fiber Content: The material used in the fabric. Most of our fabrics are polyester or some sort of polyester blend. Polyester is a great choice for upholstered chairs. It’s strong and durable, … Read More